Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prom 2008

So, after observing this year's prom, I have decided that it is going to be very hard to top it next year, for several reasons:
1. The Venue: The Morkami Japanese Garden was fantastic! It was so beautiful before the sun went down, and the unexpected change in weather actually led to a nice split-venue dance party. That and the fact that I love rain.
2. The Music: Typical music for WCS events. All the latest, hottest hip-hop and rap songs (plus Relient K's "In Love with the 80's") minus a slew of curse words that were nicely omitted. Of course, a couple slid by, but no one noticed...
3. The Food: Japanese food prepared by Japanese cooks at a Japanese museum and garden. It really doesn't get much better than rice and fried grouper!
4. The Dancing: Suprisingly cleaner dancing than previous years. It was still a ton of fun, especially when the security guards started dancing! Quite a sight to behold, I must say.
These are all of the reasons that can be thought of at the moment. We might add more later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top 10 things to do before prom

By "The Seamstress"

10) Buy a dress. Preferably go to a store that no one else has ever heard of in order to avoid the embarrassing display of showing up at prom in the same outfit as someone else.

9) Make a hair appointment…or 2…or 3. The more times you practice it, the more likely it will look perfect come prom night. And really, what’s 300 bucks when it means perfect hair!?

8) Get a date. It doesn’t matter how as long as you have one. In the long run, stabbing your best friend in the back in order to steal her boyfriend to take to prom isn’t that big of a deal. I mean, she can always take your ex.

7) Practice your makeup. Yeah, everyone that’s going to be at prom already sees you every day without it, but prom is the only night of high school that anyone is going to remember, right? So the makeup must be perfect.

6) Get the right group of friends. Make sure that you are hanging out with people that can actually dance. How embarrassing would it be to show up at prom with friends that think doing the robot is a cool dance?

5) Make sure your camera batteries are charged and ready to go. You’ll need pictures of the most memorable and important night of your life. I mean, you’ll be showing your grandkids these pictures.

4) Discuss the intimate details of your conversations with your prom date with your friends during homeroom. Really, the teacher that is sitting right there can’t hear as long as she’s behind her desk. Teacher desks are like soundproof shields.

3) Buy a boutonniere. First, make sure you subtly hint what color your dress is so your date knows what color flowers to get for your corsage. Then try to figure out what flowers he picked so that the boutonniere you bought matches. By the way, if they don’t match, it IS the end of the world. You might have to forego prom in the event of mismatched flowers.

2) Starve yourself for the two weeks before prom. You can eat as much as you want after prom, but before prom you must not gain an ounce. Again, that’s the only night of high school that anyone will remember so you must look your best.

1) Cry in the bathroom. Really, it wouldn’t be high school prom if you haven’t had one good cry between class one day about the drama that is prom.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Word to the Wise #1

what is quite humorus is the fact that everyone seems to think that the Beak is a single mastermind student. their not far from the truth with this assumptian that they are a mastermind, but they are wrong in thinking it is just one kid. there is a lot of people envolved with this thing. it might take a while for people to figure this out. i think that is probly enough info for today.

<3 the beak staff

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The second coming

It has been brought to our attention that the Second Coming of the Messiah is among us, in the person of Michael Metzner.
Think about it: All the teachers love him and hate him at the same time. There are several prophecies that have been fulfilled in him. Let’s examine the evidence.
“The Messiah will be a descendant of Abraham.” If one was to look into Metzner’s past, it is certain he would be found to be a descendant of Abraham.
“The Messiah will be mocked.” After the Metzner-led NHS stop the pop campaign, there was much mockery and scorning.
“The Messiah will be betrayed by a friend.” I can’t think of any examples from Metzner’s life, but I am sure some would be evident if people looked hard enough.
“The Messiah will be forsaken by his disciples.” After the rumors of his impeachment by fellow NHS members, this gains some credibility.
I’m sure there are many others, so if any are thought of, please send them in (comments work).

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

High drama among Junior class girls

There is a considerable amount of drama and gossip going around amongst 3/5 of the female population of the junior class. 11th graders Lizzie Jackson and Sarah Siebert can be caught whispering in almost any class they have together. It is obvious from their reactions to each other that something's up. They typically converse on the medium of passing notes.
One such occurence, The Beak heard from a witness, almost got them disqualified from a round of the couch game, prompting a demand for the note from Bible teacher Mr. Samuelson. After much diress, Samuelson acquired the note from the dramatic scribes and stuffed it in his pocket.
"Did you read it?" asked Jackson of her teacher upon a later date.
"Of course I read it," he replied. "I always read them!"
Jackson and Siebert declined to comment for The Beak when questioned.


no, I am not a WCS teacher trying to get incrimanating evidence of off-campus partying. just saying I have a myspace.

so check it out and add me to your friends.

National Honor Society President caught drinking!

By "Buster"
It was a tragic time for National Honor Society President Michael Metzner. As part of the campaign he instated after being elected into office, sodas were being eliminated from the WCS campus. But at the back-to-school BBQ at the beginning of this school year, one of our insider photographers snapped this shot of the 11th grader caught in the act.
Yes, he is truly drinking a can of soda.
When questioned what he was doing, Metzner refused to comment, but added that the beverage was sweetened with "splenda" instead of the usual sweeteners found in carbonated soda beverages.
Rumors have been heard that a group of NHS members is moving to impeach Metzner for his rash actions.
"I'm really disappointed in him," said advisor Bill Nicol. "I'm not quite sure how he was elected in the first place. I'm very disappointed."
Metzner pointed out that these 'rumors' were just that: rumors. He declined to comment further.